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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jet Lagged

Good Evening!

It's 1 a.m. here in Malaysia, but only 5 p.m. there in London. Yes I am back. But as imagined, I'm stuck here, all alone, abandoned by all Malaysians for their nights' sleep, and blankly staring towards my laptop. The only source of entertainment I have currently.

It's good to be back home. On some occasions, after long trips to European countries, I would feel much happier to be home, in my comfort zone, rather than over there, in foreign places. But I somehow already miss London Town. Alot.

I faced no complains, slight home sickness. & just missed my friends and family I guess. But that's it. I love it there, most probably because London didn't feel so foreign to me. The food I ate, the branded shops I went into, the Londoners I passed-I've somehow experienced it all before.

People must think, why is it that many people like to go to London. I've always thought so before this trip. And all that I ever hear from them is, simply, just to SHOP! Well, truthfully, that is true! Hehe.

But other than that.. hehe:
1. Weather
The famous London Rain. We all hear, see, and read about it, of how gloomy and solumn it is. That is true, but that's what makes it famous. The unpredictable weather. Weather is always the hot topic in town.

2. London Peeps
Absolutely polite. Everytime someone bumps into me in an overly crowded bus/underground train, that someone will unfailingly apologize to me. Every waiter, ticketman, cashier, shop attendent, passer-by, everyone, will definitely show their P's & Q's towards each other. And that's probably why I think everyone can stand being in a confined place together, like buses and metro stations, without causing fights, or having wrong perspectives toward one another. Not like us here in Malaysia. Why do you think us locals don't completely utilize public transportations?

3. Town
Breath taking. Not so much the big famous structures like Big Ben, London Eye or the Marble Arch(don't get me wrong, those too were great), but more of the Terraces. The places where Londoners live in. And the English Cottages, so adorable. We managed to go out to the counrtyside and it was nice.

Izzy My London Friend! :)


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